Trevor comes onsite to bring you a new perspective.

Trevor Throness’ business task is to be a support, guide and friend to leaders—to help them shoulder some of the stress that comes with leading a business that is in growth. He helps leaders think through tough people issues, and then holds them accountable to executing on their plan.

He walks leaders through the process of building simple strategic plans that fit on one page so that everyone knows what the company is trying to accomplish and how they fit into that plan.

Trevor uses tested tools from the top growth practitioners in the world to bring you healthy growth.  People like Jim Collins, Patrick Lencioni, Stephen Covey, Simon Sinek, and organizations like Gazelles International, Great Game of Business and TopGrading.

Trevor has worked in many industries, (both public and private) including retail, manufacturing, food service, financial services, the professions (law, accounting, engineering), science and technology, construction, automotive, forestry, recruiting, agriculture, horticulture, medical, real estate (both sales and development), mining, marketing, not-for-profit and more.  The interesting thing is that every company in growth faces similar challenges.  Whatever yours are, it’s likely that Trevor has seen them before.


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+- Client Case Study: Van Belle Nurseries

Dramatic Growth

Van Belle Nurseries was a company in transition. They were in growth when the founders, Bill and Grace and their son Dave (in sales), called Trevor to help them set up a sales team with professional management. Trevor helped them make several great hires and they built a very cohesive and effective sales team.

This new team allowed Dave to start thinking about his future and led to succession discussions. Trevor facilitated that process which ultimately freed Bill and Grace to work in the business and have the freedom to travel and enjoy life. Dave successfully succeeded to the CEO role.

Dave again turned to Trevor to assist in building a cohesive management team. Trevor helped Dave make some great hires and implement the Rockefeller Habits in the business.

Since those days, Van Belle Nurseries has progressed a lot. Everyone in the company is in a departmental huddle daily. All of their 120 employees gather every week around the income statement to forecast results for the month. Every employee knows what’s expected of them and is accountable for results. Every key seat is filled with the right person. Van Belle Nurseries has grown dramatically in topline sales and has a healthy net income.

More important, Dave is reaching his life goal of building people in his company into entrepreneurs and spreading his beliefs about faith and capitalism.

Trevor and Dave have continued their monthly coaching sessions since 2005. These might look like a walk by the Fraser River, sitting in a restaurant talking and laughing over business issues, or meeting with a key employee. Although the business has grown dramatically, they still maintain the quarterly planning rhythms that have helped them get to where they are today.

+- Client Case Study: Noodle Box Restaurant Chain

The Right People in the Right Seats

When Trevor and Derrick first met, Derrick was pulling his hair out over management and people issues. He was seriously considering selling his six Booster Juice franchise locations and retiring. And he was only 30 years old!

After some discussion, they agreed to have a hard look at every key seat in the business, including Derrick’s. After walking through a personality inventory, he found that his best skills were around promotion and vision, not operations (pretty normal for an entrepreneur). Then they had a hard look at the performance of every manager in every store and started making changes. By the end of the process, Derrick had an operations manager and very strong store managers in every location. Over the next two years, he grew his franchise operations to include 13 stores, and the business was doing better than ever.

Most important, Derrick was having fun again, doing the things he was made to do well.

This would have been a great end to the story, but Trevor believed that Derrick was capable of a lot more than being a multi-franchise owner and challenged him to look at starting his own chain. Derrick found a business called “Noodle Box” on Vancouver Island, and entered into negotiations with the owner to buy the business.

Trevor knew that Derrick was ‘Mr. Outside’ and needed an operations-focused ‘Mr. Inside’ to partner with him and bring those day-to-day operational skills. After interviewing many candidates, Trevor made a connection with Dave Neill, an outstanding CEO that he knew from board work done with another company. The partnership was formed, and they were off.

Today Noodle Box has grown to 13 stores, and has acquired another 4 store concept.


+- Client Case Study: Artex Barn Solutions

Putting the plan together

A client introduced John to Trevor in 2009. Right away, both could tell that there was good chemistry between them. John had very strong entrepreneurial skills. He was a gifted inventor and designer, a strong salesperson and promoter. He was known around the globe for his work in the dairy industry. Trevor quickly recognized that he was Mr. Outside.

John’s problem was that, while sales were strong, the business was weak internally, and wasn’t making the profits it should have been.

Trevor began by sitting with John privately and having a good look at what his natural skills were, what energized and what drained him at work, what he wanted out of life and out of the business, and putting a plan together.

Their next step was to make a commitment to have the right people in every key seat in the business. The decision was simple, but the execution of it was challenging because it meant change. By the time the process was complete, almost every key seat was changed or adjusted, from the General Manager on down.

As soon as key seats were fixed, there was an immediate change for the positive in the business. Trevor suggested that John build an advisory board to slow down the decision-making process in the business. Trevor facilitates that board which includes a practical finance/operations person, an industry/business expert, John and his General Manager. The board facilitates communication, forces management to research decisions to prepare for meetings and helps make sound decisions.

Today, Artex is a very different business than it was when Trevor and John first met. They have star players in every key seat in the business. Sales are great, and net income moves in lock step with top line. Trevor facilitates a management team planning day once every three months to review the last quarter and gear up for the next. This keeps the business on plan.

Best of all, John’s having a lot of fun. He gets to do what he loves to do, and he gets to own a business that is very successful. The best of both worlds.




"When we met Trevor we were a non-profit in a very tough spot. Using Trevor's tools, our NGO has gone from stuck to thriving. Recently we were chosen as one of the top 25 performing charities in the country (out of 86,000) by the Financial Post. He has helped us build a vision-driven, strategically sound, energized team; comfortable with a high degree of transparency and accountability.”

Bernie Willock, CEO Food for the Hungry
CEO, FH Canada

Guidance and Coaching

“We began working with Trevor in early 2011 and, in less than one year, his guidance and coaching has helped us to become much more focused and attentive to virtually every aspect of our full service law firm. We are now better connected with our clients, are achieving team alignment, and are very excited about the strategic direction that Trevor has helped us to envision for the future.”

Doug Lester
Managing partner, RDM Lawyers

Envisioning the Future

“Trevor played a key role in helping us with the acquisition of The Noodle Box restaurant chain and envisioning what it could become in the future. He was indispensible to the formation of our partnership group, and continues to challenge us in our roles, keep us aligned, and keep our relationships strong.”

Dave Neill,
Managing Partner, The Noodle Box Restaurants

Leadership Principles That Work

“Trevor has a drive to see people succeed and organizations thrive by applying leadership principles that work. I would recommend Trevor to anyone who wants their organization to grow- you won’t be disappointed. I have worked with Trevor since 2005.”

Dave Van Belle
CEO Van Belle Nursery, Winner Top 40 under 40

Trevor Gets It

“Our business has seen a great deal of change and with Trevor’s help, each change has been an upgrade. Trevor gets it. He understands business, he understands what I face as an owner, and he adds wisdom and accountability to actually get things done on the ground. I would highly recommend him to you to help you in your business.”

John DeJong 
Owner, Artex Barn Solutions

Growth and Refocus

“Trevor was a key component in helping to navigate us through a 60% growth year when we felt like we were going off the rails. His ability to help an organization focus, become aligned in critical areas and get excited about the future is second to none. I would highly recommend Trevor to any company who is committed to growing and making a difference in their industry and the world.”

Braden Douglas
Principal, Crew marketing

Passion for our business

“I could always trust Trevor to act with honesty at Beachcomber. He possesses a work hard ethic in all he does. His passion for our business has made it a pleasure for me personally to work with him.”

Keith Scott
Owner and Founder, Beachcomber Hot Tubs

Personal Style

“Trevors wealth of understanding around personal style, communication and how to build a strong team, combined with his passion to courageously share that knowledge makes him a sure bet for those who are committed to learn and grow themselves and their business. I have worked with Trevor since 2007.”

Peter Schouten 
Managing Partner Heppells, Managing Partner BC Biogas, Owner Hardbite Chips, Director BC Fresh, Winner Top 40 under 40

Walking Companies Through Growth

“Trevor has an incredible gift for walking companies through growth and getting them focused and aligned. He is the top business growth coach in Canada. He's a rock star at what he does!”

Derrick Westbrook 
Owner Dephine Enterprises

Personal and Professional Approach

“Trevor combines both a very personal and also a professional approach in connecting and communicating to a group. He has helped our group so much in understanding business structure, HR management, strategic direction and working together in a synergistic way. Working with him has been huge for me personally and for my companies. I have worked with Trevor since 2006 during a very rapid growth phase in our companies.”

Bill Vanderkooi
President and Owner, Nutriva Group


“Trevor is a fearless and unbiased walking business library with a wealth of new perspectives and ideas about how to grow our business”

PL Meindertsma
Managing Partner, Diverse Properties

Fixing people problems

"When I hired Trevor, we were wrestling with issues around production and quality. I spent a lot of time worrying about, and involved in every aspect of the business. Trevor showed me that these things were actually rooted in people issues, and helped us make key hires, and adjust other roles so that today we have fantastic people in every key seat in the business. As a result of addressing our people issues, both sales and profits are at record levels. More important, our team is unified like never before, and we're all very excited about the future of the business."

Ted Visscher, CEO Visscher Specialty Products

Working wtih multi-site teams

We are a high growth company that has doubled in size over the past four years. We were desperately in need of the right tools to manage and enhance communication with our teams and ensure we always have the right people in the right seats. Trevor has been and continues to be vital in helping us implement the right tools with all of our 2300 employees spread out over 80 locations across Canada. Profits have increased, we have scale, and most importantly our staff are more engaged than ever! We consider Trevor's work to be an 'essential service.'

Daryl Verbeek Director of Operations, Associate Veterinary Clinics

"When Trevor joined us at TEEMA, we had been experiencing super-fast growth but lacked the structure to sustain it. Trevor helped us build a great executive team, and he guided that team in building out a strategic plan that actually fits on one page and covers every important aspect of our business. He gave us other tools that have helped communication flow throughout our North America-wide organization. Our business is in better shape than it's every been, and Trevor has helped by being an invaluable coach and a key member of our executive team."

Brian Antenbring Founder and Managing Partner TEEMA Staffing Solutions

"Choosing to work with Trevor has been one of the best investments of time and money that we have made at Frontline. From helping us salvage the business from a partnership dispute, to working with us to put the right people in key seats in the business, to introducing us to the concept of a “Small Giant.” Most recently we have been able to get our whole team aligned on a strategy based on a simple one page plan, based on the coaching from Trevor. The results have been outstanding, as the company experienced 52% revenue growth while sustaining a healthy margin and improving our team unity, focus and purpose. Trevor is very trustworthy and relates really well to everyone in the business. For our young leadership team, it is like having an experienced CEO on retainer while we gain the necessary experience to lead a great business."

Justin Mitchell
Co-founder and Managing Parter

"When I became the sole owner of my company, I felt overwhelmed with the stress of feeling that everything depended on me. Trevor helped me focus on some key principles that have made a huge difference; concentrating on finding A-players in every key seat in the business, getting them aligned around the same goals, using some simple accountability tools, and having solid communication rhythms. Once that was accomplished, I was able to focus on what I loved doing, what I’m best at and what gives me energy - sales and relationship building. Since putting these principles in place – specifically the people issues first and foremost - the business has done better than ever before, the team is functioning really well, and I have my life back."

Jon Brandt
Owner and President, Summit Brooke Construction


Daryl Verbeek