Growth Is Messy.

Growth is messy, and only makes logical sense in retrospect. When you write your book one day, it will look perfectly orderly. But the actual growth process looks more like leaping from one ice floe to the next. It’s about being tenacious and persevering through something that’s really hard.

Trevor brings the objectivity of an outsider to your company. He has seen many growth businesses break through ceilings that look very much like yours. He brings perspective and accountability.

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Trevor has been a huge help in sorting out our growth issues, especially on the people side. He has strong relationships with our management team. He’s someone that I can trust to bring an objective viewpoint to any situation. He’s funny and can connect with anyone at any level in our business...

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Good Morning, It’s annual planning season for many companies, and I’ve been leading many two-day retreats with leaders and their management teams. One exercise that I enjoy leading involves having each......

7 ways to reward your stars

Good Morning, Retaining your star players is key to success.  There are several ways that you can reward them so that they stay with you, and remain happy in their......

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