“If you want to take your business to the next level, Trevor’s work should be considered an essential service.”

Daryl Verbeek, Managing Partner, Multi store Booster Juice owner

“Trevor is a fearless and unbiased walking business library with a wealth of new perspectives and ideas about how to grow our business”

PL Meindertsma, Managing Partner, Diverse Properties

“Trevor combines both a very personal and also a professional approach in connecting and communicating to a group. He has helped our group so much in understanding business structure, HR management, strategic direction and working together in a synergistic way. Working with him has been huge for me personally and for my companies. I have worked with Trevor since 2006 during a very rapid growth phase in our companies.”

Bill Vanderkooi, President and Owner, Nutriva Group

“Trevor has an incredible gift for walking companies through growth and getting them focused and aligned. He is the top growth coach in the Vancouver area. I have worked with him since 2009 and plan to work with him for many years to come. He is a rock star at what he does!”

Derrick Westbrook, Owner Dephine Enterprises

“Trevors wealth of understanding around personal style, communication and how to build a strong team, combined with his passion to courageously share that knowledge makes him a sure bet for those who are committed to learn and grow themselves and their business. I have worked with Trevor since 2007.”

Peter Schouten Managing Partner Heppells, Managing Partner Catalyst Power, Director BC Fresh, Winner Top 40 under 40

“Trevor has a drive to see people succeed and organizations thrive by applying leadership principles that work. I would recommend Trevor to anyone who wants their organization to grow- you won’t be disappointed. I have worked with Trevor since 2005.”

Dave Van Belle, CEO Van Belle Nursery, Winner Top 40 under 40

I could always trust Trevor to act with honesty at Beachcomber. He possesses a work hard ethic in all he does. His passion for our business has made it a pleasure for me personally to work with him.

Keith Scott, Owner and Founder Beachcomber Hot Tubs

“Trevor was a key component in helping to navigate us through a 60% growth
year when we felt like we were going off the rails. His ability to help an organization focus, become aligned in critical areas and get excited about
the future is second to none. I would highly recommend Trevor to any
company who is committed to growing and making a difference in their
industry and the world.”

Braden Douglas, Principal, Relevention Marketing Inc.

“We began working with Trevor in early 2011 and, in less than one year, his guidance and coaching has helped us to become much more focused and attentive to virtually every aspect of our full service law firm. We are now better connected with our clients, are achieving team alignment, and are very
excited about the strategic direction that Trevor has helped us to envision
for the future.”

Doug Lester, Managing partner, RDM Lawyers

“Our business has seen a great deal of change and with Trevor’s help, each change has been an upgrade. Trevor gets it. He understands business, he understands what I face as an owner, and he adds wisdom and accountability to actually get things done on the ground. I would highly recommend him to you to help you in your business.”

John DeJong, Owner, Artex Barn Solutions

“Trevor played a key role in helping us with the acquisition of The Noodle Box restaurant chain and envisioning what it could become in the future. He was indispensible to the formation of our partnership group, and continues to challenge us in our roles, keep us aligned, and keep our relationships strong.”

Dave Neill, Managing Partner, The Noodle Box Restaurants

“Trevor has helped us develop a strategic plan that fits on one page. As a result, we've become very focused and aligned as an organization. We now have much more structured accountability and communication, and our staff feels very committed to the process. Trevor shares our values and brings a very relational approach to his work with us and has been a huge help to our organization.”

Ben Hoogendoorn, CEO, Poverty Revolution (formerly Food for the Hungry)