Trevor wrote the book on people issues (actually)

People are the problem. They're always the problem. If a business person goes home frustrated, if they talk with their significant other about it, if they lay awake at night stewing about it, inevitably the problem is some person at work - a colleague, subordinate or boss.

Handling people issues is every leader's major headache. It's what takes up the majority of their time and - more important - the bulk of their head space. Every leader can and must develop this most important of all management skills.

The Power of People Skills will teach you that there's one primary difference between a great culture and a poor one; a great culture insists on having star players in every key seat, and a poor culture tolerates under performers.

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In this powerful book, you will learn how to:

• Make the people decisions that double your results, relieve your stress, and cause team morale to soar
• Attract and retain the very best talent
• Deal with difficult people problems in an objective and kind way
• Overcome the reluctance we all share to confront under performance
• Permanently solve the problems causing most of your stress

"The Power of People Skills is the eye-opening, invaluable, definitive guide to achieving success in your organization. Excellent!"

Marshall Goldsmith, The Thinkers 50 #1 Leadership Thinker in the World and author of #1 New York Times bestseller - Triggers

"We decided to implement Trevor’s strategies across the country in over 80 locations and over 2200 employees. The result has been a transformation of our culture. People’s lives have been positively impacted – professionally and personally. Morale is high and sales and profits are up as a result. The strategies outlined in the book have become our ‘secret sauce’ for success."

Daryl Verbeek, Vice President of Operations, VCA Canada

"Trevor’s tools helped us move from the middle of the pack to being selected by the Financial Post as one of the top 25 charities in the country (out of 86,000). I highly recommend his new book to you."

Bernie Willock, CEO FH Canada

"Trevor’s strategic and aggressive focus in the area of people and company alignment has helped our extremely fast-growth business become what it is today. We use these tools in our teams throughout North America. I’ve experienced Trevor’s approach first hand, and it’s been crucial to sustain our growth. I can’t imagine a business that wouldn’t benefit greatly from the lessons outlined in this perceptive book."

Brian Antenbring, Founder and CEO, TEEMA Solutions Group Inc.

"The roadmap laid out in this book set our business up to quintuple in sales. We’ve learned how to fix ongoing personnel issues once and for all, attract top talent, and spend our time focused on results, not on internal staffing problems. I highly recommend it to you – it’s worked for us."

John De Jonge Owner and CEO, Artex Barn Solutions

"Trevor’s HR strategies have set us up to grow double digits consistently for ten years and running. His insights in how people work, and the skills and strategies needed to build the most engaged work force possible, are tremendous. Winning the war to attract and retain top talent will define which companies win, and which lose. In his new book, Trevor teaches the skills, tools and insights needed to help any company meet these challenges. These strategies have worked for us."

Dave Van Belle, CEO Van Belle Nurseries

"When I met Trevor I was a multi-store franchisee going nuts managing the people issues that came from my six stores. Using the tools laid out in the book, I went from seriously considering selling everything, to acquiring seven additional stores, while reducing my time operating them by 90%. This gave me my life back and allowed me time to pursue new ventures. To say the process works is an understatement."

Derrick Westbrook, Booster Juice multi-store franchisee, Meat and Bread/Noodle Box restaurant chain partner

“Your staff is so friendly, and seem to love their work! How did you find so many great people?” are questions we are frequently asked. The answer, quite simply, is Trevor Throness and the tools he teaches about in this book. It was Trevor who patiently guided us through the process of assembling, then mentoring, a star team. He also taught us the essentials of creating an enjoyable and productive work environment – for owners, managers, and staff. The Power of People Skills is a must-read, how-to guide for people dealing with people."

Charlotte Lepp, Co-founder Lepp Farm Market

"This book shines a light on the number one issue in every company. People. Trevor has outlined a very clear roadmap to help acquire talent, put them in the right seat, and retain them for years. I personally have benefitted from the skills Trevor has outlined in this book, and would recommend you put it to the top of your pile."

Clayton White, CEO and managing partner, Alliance Concrete Pumps

"Choosing to work with Trevor and using the tools described in this book has been one of the best investments of time and money that we have made at Frontline. The results have been outstanding, as the company experienced consecutive years of 50% plus revenue growth while sustaining a healthy margin and improving team unity, focus and purpose. I would highly recommend his new book to you as a guide to achieving results that you don't yet know are possible for you and your organization."

Justin Mitchell, President & Managing Partner, Frontline Real Estate

"If you’re interested in permanently solving your chronic people problems, this book is for you. We used to spend a lot of time dealing with these issues, but after implementing Trevor’s tools, we now spend 90% of our time making our product better and acquiring new customers. Sales and profits are way up, and we’re all having fun again."

Ted Visscher, CEO Visscher Specialty Products

"We decided to use Trevor’s methodology in our full-service law firm. At first, we resisted, telling him, “This just won’t work with a law firm.” But we persisted, and the results have been remarkable: Our client base and profits have steadily improved, and staff engagement and morale is the healthiest that it’s ever been."

Doug Lester Q.C. Managing Partner, RDM Law


Growth Is Messy.

Growth is messy, and only makes logical sense in retrospect. When you write your book one day, it will look perfectly orderly. But the actual growth process looks more like leaping from one ice floe to the next. It’s about being tenacious and persevering through something that’s really hard.

Trevor brings the objectivity of an outsider to your company. He has seen many growth businesses break through ceilings that look very much like yours. He brings perspective and accountability.

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Van Belle

Van Belle Nursery
Trevor has been a huge help in sorting out our growth issues, especially on the people side. He has strong relationships with our management team. He’s someone that I can trust to bring an objective viewpoint to any situation. He’s funny and can connect with anyone at any level in our business...

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